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28 October 2011

Child Care

I watched one young lady from November of 2010 until the beginning of July 2011. It was eight months of bliss and I enjoyed every moment. I still wish I had not needed to stop watching her, but am very happy that her family situation has returned to normal. I watched her just after school from November until May, then I moved in to the house from May until July. I really enjoyed the time I spent with her and love that she still appears to have a very strong bond with me. She still seeks me out at church and begs me to come over for dinner, a movie, a sleepover, she tries everything.

In the meantime I worked a catering job, while still babysitting, and then for a fire, water, and mold restoration service. The catering job was not too bad, but I really did not like the boss. The restoration job was just such odd hours and I did not enjoy the work. I was in pain all the time from both jobs, but especially the restoration job. My body is still wrecked and I haven't been there in months.

Once again I am doing child care, but for a baby. She is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ok, that may not be true, but darn is she cuteness incarnate. I actually got the job through her aunt, who attends my church and knew I had been babysitting the other young lady. It was nice to know that I was recommended. I would not necessarily want to just get the job based on she had been looking for a sitter and I applied. I do three days a week with her and other random times when they ask and I can. I am really enjoying it

25 October 2011

Job Changing Like It Is a Job

I have had a hard time holding down a steady job since the bank. That is not to say I have been unemployed, because I really only was for those months after the bank and more due to depression than no one hiring me. It is just that job threw me quite the curve ball and a lot was happening with my family at the time so I pretty much just gave up. Once I started actually looking it really was not that hard to find work.
I did the catering company for a month then I got the job with PuroClean. Granted PuroClean is now dropping down to one day a week, if they need me, in favor of a babysitting job that I much prefer. I did not really like the work at PuroClean and would much rather play with a baby all day. I do not think that is so strange. If you have ever played with a baby, you totally get where I am coming from

18 August 2011

Job Front

I may actually change my plans. I was planning on going out to Nevada come school starting for the girl I babysit for to try and get my mom to come back East. She is in a not-so-great place right now and she is willing to stay there because she finally got a job she likes. I will not go into details, but this is the most ridiculous and ludicrous thing she has ever thought was logical. I have decided I will not do that as I am going to be spending a week with her beginning Saturday afternoon. I feel that I will talk to her sometime then and if she is not willing to come out east then I am no longer willing to talk to her about certain aspects of her life. They are 100% off-limits and those sections of my life will like-wise be off-limits. If she wants to start living appropriately, rights will be opened up to her once again, but I cannot put my happiness and well-being at risk for someone who is not putting their life and happiness at the forefront in their own life.

I am thinking that I want to try putting my resume in with ManPower and doing temporary work because I do not really know what I want right now. I feel like maybe if I can get ideas of what I do and do not like I can start putting together a more appropriate game plan for job hunting. Plus my boyfriend and I are looking to get out of the area. We want him to have at least a year under his belt at his current position as it is his first of the sort, but once that is done, we want to get the heck out of New York. If I am in temporary positions it will be easier for me to pick up and go when he finds something. I am also working on getting rid of personal possessions. I have two 5 x 10 storage units from my move crammed to the brim with crap. I want that to change. Having just one is optimal and having it with much less stuff would be amazing. I only have the bare minimum where I am living. I have brought a few things as I have gone, but only stuff I intend to use on a daily basis. I also brought my books because as I read things I intend to get rid of them

20 July 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I was working at a catering company from about the beginning of June until Sunday.  I called today to quit and she told me that she also felt I was not cut out for catering.  On the other hand, I feel like I could do well in a coffee shop or restaurant, as long as it is a nice one and not one where I will get touched inappropriately.  I am intending to apply to Starbucks and I wish I was willing to deal with drunkards because if I could I would bartend.  I would actually really enjoy the classes.

I feel like I should probably also apply to bookstores, small ones.  I am thinking of applying near Schenectady so that if I move there, I will be set.  Maybe not in Schenectady as I am in Troy currently, but maybe along Route 7 so that it would not be too far from either place.  I am looking forward to job hunting again

23 June 2011

New, Temporary Job

I started a job at a catering company in the beginning of June. I have been in retail my entire working life and am actually pretty good at it. I like people, I enjoy helping, and I remember a lot of what people tell me so that I can better help them and so that they feel like I really paid attention to them when they come back. I am personable and that is what gets me hired nine times out of ten even though every boss I have ever had has told me that I need to talk slower.
Even with all of this being true, I have avoided food service for my entire working life. I have avoided it because I am the dictionary definition of clutz. If you open it, my picture is next to the word. No definition, just my picture. I realize I am being a little hyperbolic, but it is almost that bad. Before the first party I helped open up the place for the season. I spilled soapy water all over the floors, juice, I dropped things and dripped ketchup all over myself.
The boss is extraordinarily patient and just explains to me how she would prefer things done. I do my best to listen to her because she really does not like things done differently than what she has told you. It tells her that either you were not listening or you do not respect her enough to consider her words or time worth anything. They are both bad, one is not better than the other. Either way you have proven to her that she made a mistake in hiring you. This is always something to avoid.
The people that work there are gems. Each has their own issues, as we all do, but they are generally nice people who do their best to work hard and make their time there worth something. I realize there are people out there who will show up to work, not pull their weight and then accept a paycheck without any guilt or remorse. The people at my current job are not like that, at all. I thank God for that.